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Anirban Biswas &Anindya Chakraborty


1 About:

Kripper is GUI front end for variosu of command line tools which are used to rip VCDs & then to convert it to Divx & then burn the Divx files in to CDRW.

Kripper achive it using cdrdao to rip VCDs ( I think it is the only tool which can rip VCDs in bin format which can be later brun to a CDRW. After ripping mencoder is used to convert the *.bin file into Divx (yes Mencoder can read *.bin files generated by cdrdao).

After that cdrecord will be used to burn the divx in to CDRW.

2 News:

23 Nov 2003
New Version Released & Project Help Wanted:

The next version i.e kripper-0.3.tar.gz is released. In this version Setup dialog for Kripper is added also Kripper is now a real KDE applications
kripper-0.3.tar.gz can be downloaded from SourceForge

This release has most of the Basic stuffs with which a VCD can be ripped & the image can be stored in given location & then it can be converted to DivX with defaults setting of Mencoder.

Now to make Kripper more succesfull I need help from users & developers , users can suggest what kinds or types of feature they want or can report a bug.On the other hand developers can join in & can debug or can add some new cool feature or can improve my codes (since I am still learning Qt/KDE & certainly not a master of Qt/KDE any suggestion from Gurus will be warmly welcomed.).

Now to increase the communication between user , developer & me I opened a general mailing List for Kripper where every body can hang out.
For subscribtion please go to Kripper Mailing List

At last this project is definitely need some help since I am along currently doing every things & since I have a job I can do nothing with Kripper before the weekens also the co Admin of this project ,my friend Anindya Chakraborty also went out of town for his job so He can not help me cause currently He do not have access to any Linux boxes of his own.

21 Sept 2003
New Version Released:
The next version i.e kripper-0.2.tar.gz is released now one can rip a VCD & convert it to DivX with this GUI front end without have to give the complex command line command
kripper-0.2.tar.gz can be downloaded from SourceForge

Initial Released:
The initial version of kripper is released (kripper-0.1) & can be downloaded from SourceForge Currently it do really very small thing only can rip a VCD. (using cdrdao in background)


The current released version is kripper-0.3

Kripper can be downloaded from sourceforge

Kripper0.3 (Young Kripper)

Kripper-0.2 (Baby Kripper)

Kripper-0.1 (Initial Release)

or it can be check out from cvs

To know how you can check out from cvs please read the doc at the following link.

cvs how to

4 Requirment:

You of course need GNU/Linux system with X server running & KDE & its libraries installed. Also you need

cdrdao , Mplayer (ie. Mencoder) , cdrecord , mkfsiso , vcdxrip.

But currently you only need cdrdao for this initial release.

5 Thanks:

At frist special thanks to Source Forge to give us a place to host our software & providing other facility & also thanks to all the other FLOSS developers around the world who made GNU/Linux , Qt/KDE possible & other FLOSS stuffs possible.

6 E-mail:

I can be reached at this address anirban(remove this)biswas(at the rate)softhome(dot)net

Now there is a general mailing list on Kripper for Users as well as developer. To subcribe to the mailing list please goto Kripper Mailing List

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